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So today i went to hang out with my Grandy and Harry again after school and i was crying almost all day long. I didnt want her to leave me i guess. Its hard too cause i barely get emotional anymore like that. I guess recently so much has happened. Ive been kinda frusterated lately...for odd reason. I just wish there were one day that everything could go in one direction. All this guessing and questioning is throwing my mind for a loop.
I just want like a REALLLLLYYYY good hug from someone that knows how to give good hugs that feel like they'll never end and then ill be set and ready for the next party.

Anyhow- we stopped off at work to see Brookie cause we have opposite work scheduals during the week and Grandy wanted to see her so bad. Saw <3<3JIMMIE<3<3 woo. hotness. Then came home and Teddy called and wanted to come say bye to me cause hes leaving for jail tomorrow we think. Im so upset. Ugh. Hopefully he wont be in for a long time and even if he is, maybe they'll let us come visit? I duno. Im sad.

This saturday is where its at. <3
Get your freak on
Do what you want.

Grandy and I after lunch<3

My party shoes ya'll!

Moving on... i thought id show a demonstration of how to get guys in clubs.

Lesson number one...
*Find your victom*

*Give him the flirty eyes*

*Make sure he knows you want him*

*And make him your bitch*


Oh ya...happy 5.5.05. I hope everyone got drunker than i did. Wouldnt be that hard seeing as how i didnt have one drink. Ugh. Gross.
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