Allie (xxxmonkeyxxx) wrote,

Just a little skinny...

ok soooo...friday night sucked lots, drove all the way down to south beach thinking we were gunna have this amazing time ended up paying 20 bucks for parking then leaving woo hoo, lots of fun let me tell you. Saturday night made up for it all we (Brooke and i of course) ended up going to Pangea with Ashleey, Justin and Mike, and then saw a few people we knew there, Jimmie from work (HOT) Brittnay of course and a few other people but not worth mentioning. Woo hoo such a good time... Took lots of picture...i bet thats what you waiting for arnt you? Well, here you go impatience...

The Playboy centerfold was there that night so everyone got signed copys.

The centerfold.

My NaNa<3

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